Key Traits of the Best Modular Companies

While interest grows in modular construction as a solution to some of the most stubborn inefficiencies permeating the construction industry, so has the number of companies promising a solution that deploys innovative modular processes. While this results in no shortage of options for developers, it can also make finding the best modular construction company more difficult, since not all possess the same level of skills and abilities.

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Components of a Modular Building

When viewing a finished, large-scale modular building, it can be difficult to imagine all of its components. The fact is, though, that at one point in its past, that building was actually countless pieces moving through an assembly facility. So, while the quality and beauty of the finished structure attracts the most attention from developers, it’s important to understand what exactly goes into a modular building.

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How Modular Buildings Are Delivered

The delivery stage of modular construction is one of the most fascinating aspects of the modular process, and perhaps best captures how this innovative technique is unlike any other within the industry today. Similar to the spirit of modularization, the vast majority of everyday products are made in a factory, typically far away from where they are sold and purchased. Thus, just as the modular methodology modernizes traditional construction by shifting the actual building process into a factory or warehouse, it also involves the transportation of the finished modules to their ultimate destinations.

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Growing Popularity of Modular Student Housing

Student housing, also known as dormitories or residence halls, entails unique responsibilities beyond those ascribed to the construction of other building types. College dormitories must also maintain the educational environment of the campus, which means causing as little disruption to the surrounding area as possible, and above all, being ready to receive students when classes start. This is why the use of Modular dormitories and modular construction methods for building new additions is a growing trend in the education construction sector.

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7 Causes of Onsite Construction Delays

It’s become an axiom of the modern construction industry that projects will take longer and cost more than what was agreed on in the original contract. Developers often feel like it’s impossible to complete a project without experiencing an overage or delay because they’re at the mercy of a number of factors outside their control. This doesn’t have to be the case, however, especially when developers use innovative methods such as modularization to avoid, and in some cases, eliminate such issues.

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