Our Story

iBUILT was founded in 1965 as Deluxe Modular. For over five decades, Deluxe was an industry leader, pioneering new processes including the introduction of structural steel into modular buildings in 1982. The company’s 24-acre manufacturing campus and three manufacturing facilities provide enormous manufacturing capacity and easy access to rail, ship and truck transportation.

Today, iBUILT is redefining the construction paradigm by using technology and offsite manufacturing to build better buildings, in half the time, and at significant cost savings compared to conventional construction. By eliminating inefficiencies at each stage of the building lifecycle, we are giving owners greater control, bringing their buildings to market in half the time and at significant cost savings.

By re-imagining what a building is — how it is designed and how it is constructed, embedding proprietary software for post-construction facilities management, incorporating sustainability standards and selling buildings at the price determined by our customers, iBUILT has redefined the construction value proposition.


Over the past two decades, iBUILT, through its subsidiaries, has completed scores of volumetric steel modular projects across a range of categories including multifamily housing, student housing, hospitality, healthcare, senior living, and schools. Download a comprehensive list of projects.


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