North End Gateway

Project Description

This 76,670 square foot, low-income development has 57 apartment units, comprised of 148 modules. Eight of these units are currently structured for access to persons with disabilities, with the remaining units arranged so that they can be adapted in the future, if needed.

The four-story complex is distinguished by a number of attractive features and amenities, including fully sprinklered two-, three-, and four-bedroom units that are served by two elevators and a 16-camera security system with controlled visitor access. All units include washer/dryer hookups and individually metered gas, and electric service with the larger units including a second bathroom.

Deluxe began production in late April 2008. Units were placed in mid-July and were fully set by September. Criteria for substantial completion of the project were satisfied in early October and occupancy was slated for December 2008.

Liberties Walk Condominiums

Project Description

Liberties Walk Condominiums in Philadelphia, PA are 78,431 total square feet with four buildings and 51 living units. Each condo has its own heating and cooling system. The ground level features retail stores and restaurants finished with stone imported from Colorado. This project was completed in less than one year.

Dayton Condominiums

Project Description

Dayton Condominiums in Morgantown, WV are 20,598 total square feet and includes 21 living units. Employing wood-frame 5A construction, the system-built units are fire-sprinklered and factory-equipped with an EPDM roof.

The site’s unique shape required a more innovative solution than many modular manufacturers are capable of. With Deluxe’s talented team and facility, specially angled modular units were created to accommodate architects’ design requirements and site conditions.

Poplar Street Condominiums

Project Description

After successfully completing the Liberties Walk condo project, Deluxe built these three story condominiums for Tower Investments that featured 9-foot ceilings. The spacious living areas included a first floor powder room and foyer, a second floor den and bedroom, and third floor bedrooms.

After the modular units were manufactured in Deluxe’s Berwick plant, the project was set in less than one week, enabling Tower Investments to earn revenue from the condos much sooner than building them with conventional construction methods would have allowed.

Marina Bay Towers

Project Description

Marina Bay Towers, a high-rise affordable senior living complex was designed and built to withstand heavy winds due to its coastal location. With retail space and a parking garage on the ground level, the seven story building also housed common areas including medical rooms, an exercise room, a crafts room, a computer room, a sixth floor outdoor terrace and a large multipurpose community space on the first floor for resident use.

The 135,504 square foot building was constructed as 363 separate modular units in Deluxe’s offsite construction facility. They were shipped to the building site via truck, and assembled on-site using a crane.

Minerva Place Condominiums

Project Description

Minerva Place Condominiums in White Plains, New York has 14,128 total square feet and includes 14 living units. Compared to standard low-rise construction, the project uses more energy-efficient construction techniques, insulation, plumbing and lighting.

4857 Broadway – “The Stack”

Project Description

Deluxe worked in tandem with GLUCK+ and Jeffrey M. Brown Associates to build this seven story upscale apartment structure in the northern Manhattan neighborhood of Inwood.

The developers Jeffrey Brown and Kim Frank chose to have this project built as a modular building knowing that their goal was to complete the project faster and with a higher level of quality control than they were used to with the typical construction process in an urban environment. Watch the construction via our Video Center

Though the project was not very large and typically smaller than the project Deluxe is focused on today, it proved to be an eye opener with the recent hype of modular construction in New York City, where you are sure to see more activity. The modern day developer wants to get their project completed faster and with fewer headaches. Deluxe can provide that with their assembly line manufacturing operation located in Berwick Pennsylvania.