Pace University

Project Description

Pace University’s Westchester Campus was designed and developed modular from the start. Facing growing enrollments, and required permanent long term capital improvements, Pace University chose to take advantage of the quality, speed, and volume Deluxe Modular could offer in their robust steel and concrete student accommodations. Deluxe’s tremendous experience guided the project design in a very efficient process. Production started on the 99,180 SF Building A in October of 2014, and was able to provide housing for 477 students in 142 suites by July of 2015. Following up on this success, Deluxe manufactured and installed another 65,787 SF of living space in Building B, for 172 students in 83 suites.

Dominican Hall

Project Description

Dominican Hall at Caldwell College in Caldwell, NJ was designed to meet the needs of today’s student. The 57,000 square foot dorm was recently named a Dorm of Distinction by University Business magazine, and here’s why:

Students have the choice of single or joint rooms that offer kitchen and living areas. The residence hall is also equipped with handicap accessible units, laundry facilities and lounge areas on each floor. Caldwell’s students were involved in the design process; choosing furniture styles, paint colors and carpeting. Dominican Hall met the school’s demands for increased resident student enrollment and allowed them to meet the New Jersey state objective to increase the capacity for students.

Deluxe’s modular construction method enabled the college to house new students for the Fall 2007 semester, ultimately generating income for the school much sooner than conventional construction would have allowed.

Mastronardi Hall

Project Description

Mastronardi Hall at The College of Mt. St. Vincent in Riverdale, NY has 36,000 total square feet and 110 living units. The steel-framed student residence hall was built as an addition to an existing building and houses nearly 200 students.

Taylor Hall

Project Description

Taylor Hall at Muhlenberg College in Allentown, PA is 25,920 square feet and has 60 living units. The residence hall features high quality tile, solid birch doors and an elevator. Student lounges are located on each floor, and the building’s basement contains additional classrooms and a television studio.

Haines Hall

Project Description

Haines Hall at Eastern University in St. Davids, PA is 12,288 total square feet with 48 living units. The modular units were built in Deluxe’s controlled manufacturing facility, and were constructed in less than half the time conventional construction would have required, ultimately generating revenue sooner for Eastern University.

Conklin Hall

Project Description

Deluxe built this 136,000 Square foot, 465 Bed, Suite Style – Residence Hall which was completed one year from the ground breaking using Deluxe’s modular construction system. DCC was the first community college in the state of New York to build its own residence hall.

With the ever increasing student body on community college campuses it will be evident that many Facilities Directors and School Foundations will be looking for a way to build quickly, while minimizing disruption on the campus and maintaining safety and security for the existing students. With the guarantee that Conklin Hall was going to be completed and delivered on time, the college was able to lease the units at 100 percent occupancy.

Cottage Place

Project Description

Deluxe built this downtown White Plains student residence
for Berkeley Realty to provide Berkeley College students with
a residence hall adjacent to the school’s main campus. The five
story residence hall was built over a parking garage, and offers
students inside access to the student dining room. Students also
choose from single or double occupancy rooms and enjoy lounge
and laundry facilities.

Deluxe’s modular construction of the residence hall enabled
the college to provide housing for students faster, ultimately
generating income for the school much sooner than conventional
construction methods would have.

Hillside Commons

Project Description

Site work began on this project in November of 2013 while the modules were manufacured in our Berwick facility. Those modules were delivered to the site that March. By August, the project was completed and students began moving in.