By Developers,
For Developers

iBUILT has reimagined what a building is, how it is designed and constructed, and how it is managed post construction, in order to solve the inefficiencies and pain points that have plagued the construction industry for far too long.

We’ve done this by putting developers and owners first in every aspect of our business and refusing to accept the conventional wisdom that has resulted in more than 80% of all projects going over budget and beyond schedule.

iBUILT’s mindset, technology and approach are laser focused on enabling developers to achieve their goals in the shortest possible time and at the lowest possible cost.





iBUILT recognizes the importance of getting to market quickly – before the competition. Unlike the conventional development process that is laden with delays and added costs, the iBUILT Fast Track program delivers a fully designed building in 8 weeks or less. The Fast Track deliverable includes comprehensive interior and exterior designs; architectural and structural, drawings; a complete schedule of finishes; and a guaranteed schedule and price.


iBUILT will never put forward a change order unless it is requested by our client. This is in sharp contrast to the conventional development process, where contractors routinely ‘low-ball’ their initial bids to win the job, and then rely on change orders during construction to significantly increase their prices. In fact, change orders usually add between 11% – 40% to initial quoted prices.


Using state-of-the-art technology and controlled offsite manufacturing, iBUILT seamlessly integrates design, detailing, fabrication and onsite assembly to deliver better quality buildings to our clients at a lower cost and in less time than is possible with conventional construction.

The benefits of iBUILT’s technology extend across a building’s lifecycle – even beyond construction. Our BIM models incorporate proprietary digital twin software that gives developers complete control over the ongoing management of their buildings, including preventive maintenance capabilities.



Digital Platform

iBUILT is designing a state-of-the-art digital platform to give developers control over their construction projects and disintermediate the players that create friction, increase costs and cause delays. This software, currently in beta testing, will soon enable developers to:

  • Design their buildings generatively
  • Customize their finishes from an extensive product library
  • Apply for building permits online on an expedited basis
  • Have their project built turnkey — price and schedule guaranteed
  • Use our digital twin software to save 70% of labor-related maintenance costs

Offsite Construction Advantages

In today’s new normal, the multiple benefits of offsite construction offer greater value than ever before.

Improved productivity and quality through controlled manufacturing.

Improved budget and schedule certainty.

Environmentally friendly to build and operate.

Significantly faster time to market.

Safer working conditions.

Enablement of year round construction.

Viable means to deal with shortages in skilled labor.

Streamlined inspection processes.

iBUILT has Achieved the
Impossible in Modular Design

  • Building height and volume

    to be able to incorporate ballrooms, lobbies, gyms and theaters into our Smart Structures.

  • Passive House insulation values

    achieved through innovative insulation applications that provide greater efficiency and reduced energy consumption.

  • Building without marriage walls

    which can save up to 8% of a building’s F.A.R, and provide greater rentable space.

  • Space saving assemblies

    using a combination of floor-ceiling components that enable lower overall building heights than conventional modular construction.

  • Building as high as 35 stories

    using our high strength steel superstructures, which are limited only by crane height restrictions.

  • Building with innovative materials

    that are sustainable, water and mold resistant to provide a healthier built environment.

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